About EOS

Jessica Trzynka
Owner and Registered Electrologist

My name is Jessica Trzynka and I became an electrologist after experiencing electrolysis treatments for myself for my unwanted hair.  I no longer wanted to tweeze, shave or wax because of all of the time and hassle and hair removal creams didn’t agree with my skin, so I was looking for a permanent solution for my unwanted hair.  I found electrolysis and I haven’t looked back!  

I created Electrolysis of Superior (EOS) to help others achieve their hair removal goals and allow them to come out from the shadow that their unwanted hair has created. I found inspiration in the name Eos, Greek Goddess of dawn, and thought that there couldn’t be a better name.  EOS can help you find renewed self confidence — the dawning of a new you!

The inspiration in my life
Wisconsin regulates electrolysis practice and requires 450 hours of training, which I completed at the Wisconsin state-approved Electrology Training Program at River Rock Electrology Institute in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  I completed all requirements and took and passed my Wisconsin Electrology Board Certification Exam in 2011.  This allows me to be the only Wisconsin state-licensed electrologist (RE or LE) in the Twin Ports area. I continuously seek educational opportunities to enhance my knowledge in electrolysis, ensuring effective electrolysis treatment choices at EOS, with client comfort as a top priority.