Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eyes a Window, Eyebrows the Frame

I recently read a quote that someone had posted to their Facebook page, "If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the frames." -Author unknown.  That got me thinking and looking around.  I started to notice picture frames and how the frame fit with the picture inside.  It was truly interesting.  I saw really nice pictures in some really cheap frames.  The frames made a picture look cheap or even ugly.  Or they took an okay picture and made it more interesting with the frame choice.  It was amazing what a frame could do to highlight the picture on the inside. The same is true for your eyebrows!

I have been noticing eyebrows for a while now.  The small pencil thin brows (or literally just pencil) and how they detract attention away from the eyes and pull it towards the thin lines someone calls their eyebrows.  The comma (,) (this is exactly like it sounds), the full brow, and the medium brow.  How these all help shape the look of a person and how they can distract from other important features.  It is very important to shape your brows in a way to highlight your natural beauty.  Come in for a free consultation and see what electrolysis can do!