Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Think of Electrolysis like a Marathon

Grandma's Marathon is a big race in the Twin Ports and it got me thinking...I would like to run a half marathon someday.  I thought about what it would take to get myself ready and how training for a marathon is just like electrolysis!  I know that you are asking yourself, electrolysis and marathons are nowhere close to being alike. are wrong!  They are very similar.  In training for a marathon you have to set a schedule and keep to it so that you can increase your distance so that when the big race is here, you can run the whole thing and feel good at the end.  Electrolysis is the same.  You set a schedule for your appointments and come in and before you know it, you are hair free!  Sure, the beginning is tough, but it is the end result that you have to keep in mind.  Both require a commitment, but if you stick to the schedule, you will have great rewards waiting for you at the end.

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