Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bring out your hair...

Electrolysis isn't just for women. Men can reap the benefits of electrolysis just as much as women. Both men and women have unwanted hair. Men have electrolysis done to shape their facial hair so that they don't have to save outside the pattern that they want. You can also have the back of the neck done.  Just think that a hair cut could take less time and you would never have to shave your neck in between cuts!  You could look fresh all the time!  Also, as men get older they also get hair where they didn't have it before, just like women.  Electrolysis can be done on the ear!  No more ear hair...just think about that!  I haven't even mentioned the back or shoulders yet!  Get your hair sweater taken care of TODAY for the summer swim suit season!

Electrolysis is a win-win for both men and women!  So women, get your husband to call for their FREE Consultation.  We are in Superior, just across the bridge from Duluth. 

-Remember, we are the ONLY licensed electrolysis office in Superior, Duluth or the Twin Ports area!  Call - 715-817-6818 for your appointment today! 

I look forward to seeing you soon,