Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Many Thanks

I have many people to thank for helping me realize my own Registered Electrolysis Office dreams come true! Without their help, I could not have made this happen! 
I would first like to thank my husband, Dustin. He was a wonderful contractor, co-dreamer, idea man, and husband to walk through this process with me. I truly, could not have done this without his support and help. He did a wonderful job with the office, please stop in just to see his handy work! 
To my family, especially my children C & W for their willingness to come and watch a movie with me while we worked to get my office up and running! My parents Ray & Jane; my in-laws John & Gail and Mark & Jill; my sister Annie & her husband Peter; my brother Brad; my brother and sister-in-law Dean & Robynn and their children T, D & H; my aunt's and uncle's, on both sides of the family; Grandma Emley and Grandpa & Grandma Trzynka. I have received love and support from them all. I am truly blessed with such a wonderful family! My journey was made easier with them all behind me. 
To Jeff, a wonderful friend and VERY skilled contractor, thank you for all of your help! Without you, I don't know that I would have the quality space that I have today! Dustin appreciated your help, and I appreciate your hard work and your time. I would also like to thank Jeff's wife, Lydia and their son B. Thank you for letting your husband come and help my husband make my dreams come true! 
To all my friends who have offered to help in anyway that they can, thank you. Your support has been wonderful. 
To Dennis and Donna, thank you for your help putting a face to my dream. Your wisdom and knowledge in marketing and branding is unbelievable. Thank you for all of your hard work. My logo and website look amazing. Thank you. Emley Design Group is a wonderful marketing group based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can find them on the web at Emley Design Group 
To Hilary Bennett at River Rock Electrology Institute, thank you for your support and your vast knowledge of hair! You made learning fun! I could not have done this without you! You can find them on the web at River Rock Electrology Institute
To Michelle McKercher at the Douglas County Revolving Loan Fund for all of your help with my business plan and helping me navigate my options when it came to start up funding. Also, to the members of the Douglas County Revolving Loan Fund, thank you for your support! You can find them on the web at Douglas County Revolving Loan Fund
To X-treme Granite in Superior, Wisconsin, thank you for the wonderful counter top! It really adds pizazz to the office. Please go and check out their wonderful selection, because it was a real pleasure  working with them. Heidi and Don made the process really easy! You can find them on the web at X-Treme Granite
I am extremely lucky to have such wonderful people in my life who have done so much to see me succeed! Thank you for your support!!! 
I also want to let you see products of the finished space and I am very excited to be up and running! Check back for the date of the Grand Opening, but until then you can call me at 715-817-6818 to set up your free consultation!
I look forward to seeing you soon,